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Kelly Family-fan page


Christmas All Year Wonderful World! Live Keep On Singing New World Honest Workers Street Life
The Very Best Over 10 Years Wow Over The Hump Christmas For All Almost Heaven Growin´ Up Live Live Live
From Their Hearts The Best Of Kathy Kelly The Bonus Tracks Album The Best Of Kelly Family 1 The Best Of Kelly Family 2 Kathy Kelly: Morning Of My Life La Patata
Kathy Kelly: Straight From My Heart Paddy Kelly: In Exile Homerun
Aeltere Albums:
    The very best of the early years     
Kelly Family Meister-Werke The Early Years Star Gold-Die grossen Erfolge Who´ll Come With Me Guinness Festliche Stunden
Guten Abend, gut´ Nacht Lieder der Welt Liederreise Szene Stars Kelly Family Mit Herz Stars und ihre grossen Erfolge Wanderlieder
Die grossen Erfolge Meisterstuecke Meisterstuecke II Botschafter in Musik The Magic Sound Of Deep Greensleeves Mull Of Kintyre
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Over The Remix Gold Die schoensten Songs der Kelly Family 1 Keep On Singing-Live Super Best Of The Kelly Family Live Angel Die schoensten Songs der Kelly Family 2
Oh Happy Day Weihnachten mit der Kelly Family The Magic Orchestra Plays The Kelly Family The Instrumental Highlights The Very Best Of The Early Years Heaven Remixes The Very Best
New Singles Collection Gold (new cover) Another World One More Christmas Roses Of Red
Eagle On The Breeze Danny Boy David´s Song Une Famille C´est Une Chanson Hiroshima I´m Sorry The Last Rose Of Summer Alle Kinder brauchen Freunde
Old McDonald We Love The Pope Who´ll Come With Me Who´ll Come With Me Key To My Heart Didelidei When the Last Tree...
One More Freaking Dollar No Lies An Angel Why Why Why Roses Of Red First Time I Can´t Help Myself
Every Baby Gloeckner von Notre Dame Fell In Love With An Alien Na Na Na When The Boys Come Into Town Because It´s Love Red Shoes
one more song      Hooks,Oh it hurts    Children of Kosovo  Mystic Knights 
One More Song I Will Be Your Bride You´re Losing Me Hooks/Oh It Hurts I Really Love You The Children Of Kosovo Mystic Knights
Ein Herz fuer Kinder Mama Hope  I Wanna Kiss You Kathy Kelly: Save Me In The Morning Kathy Kelly: Nay No Nay Kathy Kelly & The Bubbles: It´s Christmas Time
I Wanna Be Loved         
I Wanna Be Loved What´s A Matter You People (Version 1) What´s A Matter You People (Version 2) Mrs. Speechless Paddy Kelly: Pray Pray Pray Paddy Kelly: When You Sleep Flip A Coin
Blood Streets Of Love

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                            Angelo Kelly-Finally One        








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